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Solyndra Solar Panel Manufacturing
Solyndra appointed us to carry out the MEP design for a new back-end solar panel manufacturing facility in California.

Solyndra Solar Panel Manufacturing

Solyndra designs and manufactures solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, comprised of panels and mounts for the commercial rooftop market. Using innovative cylindrical modules and thin film CIGS technology, Solyndra systems are designed to provide the lowest levelized cost of electricity and the highest kilowatt hour production per rooftop for typical installations. 

This $50m facility at Solyndra’s headquarters in Fremont, California included 503,000sq ft back-end solar panel manufacturing and tool build for proprietary front-end tools, including reliability laboratories and offices.

The mechanical systems included three 2,200-ton chillers, 7,500 scfm compressed air, and 750 gpm cooling water. The electrical systems included 8 MW power @ 21 kV with 4 new + 1 future 21kV-480V substations. Chemical systems included 60,000 gallon storage of proprietary process chemical in six 10,000 gallon tanks.

We carried out the mechanical, electrical and process engineering from schematic design through to design development stage.