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Total Supply Chain Expertise Tackles Rising Patient Costs
With patient care costs on the increase worldwide, governments, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers alike must find new efficiencies as they strive to deliver safe, value for money, patient-centric services.

Total supply chain tackles rising patient costs 

Andy Rayner, Director of Technology at PM Group, advocates a more holistic total supply chain management approach to this process which, he says, will deliver long term savings and safer treatments for all.

An ageing population, more resistant bacterial strains, increased instances of pandemics and the ever-looming threat of bioterrorism are just some of the challenges facing the healthcare industry today. And, with budgets everywhere under pressure as the global economy struggles to recover, the question is simple – how do you do more with less? One possible solution, according to Andy, is to adopt a more holistic approach across the entire supply chain lifecycle - from medicine, equipment and production plant design, through the manufacturing and materials handling process to treatment delivery and patient aftercare.

“The focus should be on infection prevention rather than infection control which is where most governments are currently focusing their investment,” he says. “This means eliminating the potential for contamination at every stage of the supply chain lifecycle in order to create a safer environment for patients. This will reduce costs, facilitate speedier time to market of improved treatments and, ultimately, minimise the number of days patients need to spend in healthcare facilities. Currently, more people die worldwide from secondary infections they pick up in hospitals and other treatment facilities than from car accidents.”

The key to the successful implementation of this holistic supply chain management approach, Andy says, is a clear understanding of the critical design, process and regulatory issues involved along every step of the project lifecycle and how they impact the final outcome. “It takes years of specialist experience gained in the international arena to build up this level of knowledge. Not only does it involve understanding how these treatments are manufactured, but also how and when they are used,” he adds.

Supply Chain Ready

PM Group has recently launched Supply Chain Ready™, a new flexible project management tool for the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries, which combines extensive design, planning, process and regulatory knowledge with cutting edge lean expertise. “Employing new innovative services like Supply Chain Ready™ will enable companies to implement cost-efficient, patient-centric strategies on projects from the initial design stage right through to final delivery,” Andy points out. “Things are constantly changing in the pharma and healthcare sectors. Bacterial and viral agents are becoming increasingly resistant to existing antibiotics which means there is an ongoing requirement to develop stronger but safer treatments. Supply Chain Ready™ offers both the expertise and the flexibility to meet these challenges and will play a major part in the creation of a safer, more effective and cost-efficient global healthcare system for the future.”  

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