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Servier, Oral Dose Facility, Russia
Serdix, a subsidiary of Servier which is a major French pharmaceutical manufacturer, established an oral solid dosage manufacturing facility near Sopho, Southwest of Moscow.

Servier, Oral Dose Facility, Russia

The facility producees products for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system diseases, diabetes and other conditions.

The unusual facade of the 10,000sqm facility was designed by Servier’s corporate architect who developed the concept for Servier's other sites around the world.  Facilities at this plant include a 2,500sqm production area, 2,000sqm classified cleanrooms, 2,000sqm of warehouses, offices and laboratories, as well as social areas and plant rooms.

PM Group services provided:

  • Conceptual design
  • Permitting
  • Tender design
  • Tender process coordination and procurement of contractors and suppliers
  • Construction management and site supervision
  • Handover and Commissioning of the facility
  • Construction management


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