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Edenderry, Power Station and Peaking Plant
Edenderry Power Station is an independently owned, peat-fired thermal generating station for which PM Group provided safety, construction supervision and grid code compliance testing.

Edenderry Peaking Plant
Edenderry Power
Edenderry Peaking Plant

Base Load

This 128MW plant was built at a total installed cost of €140m from project design to construction. PM Group, with Fortum, the Finnish State Electricity Company won the initial tender competition and PM Group was then appointed to carry out regulatory applications, detailed engineering design and procurement for both the power station and the peat handling facility (Peat is an accumulation of partially biomass matter which is found in wetlands and bogs in Ireland, Finland, Russia and the Baltics). Innovative technology based on fluidized bed combustion gives an operating efficiency of 37% despite having a 50% moisture content. The facility meets the EU Directive for Large Combustion Plants (LCP). The plant is now capable of combusting biomass (including meat and bone meal and waste wood) as a co-fuel with peat.

Peaking Plant

PM Group was subsequently retained by Bord Na Mona as Owner’s Engineer for the development of a 120 MW distillate fired peaking plant (utilizing two Pratt & Whitney SWIFTPAC 60).

Our scope of services on this project included safety, design reviews of PWPS island package and the balance of plant, and construction supervision during construction and grid code compliance testing.