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Ministry of Trade & Industry, Regional Competitiveness, Turkey
An EU funded consultancy assignment for the Ministry of Trade & Industry, Turkey.

Ministry of Trade & Industry, Regional Competitiveness, Turkey

This EU consultancy contract was launched to assist the Ministry staff with the efficient and effective implementation of the regional competitiveness operational programme (RCOP).

The aim of RCOP is to increase the competitiveness of the Turkish economy relative to the EU countries and to reduce the regional socio- and economic disparities.  RCOP concentrates resources on a limited number of sectors to increase its impact (ie, works with SME’s in the manufacturing and tourism sectors, IT, R&D and innovation).  RCOP also focuses on regions where the GDP is < 75% of the Turkish national average. 

The project focus is on increasing the administrative, technical and human resources capacity of the RCOP coordination and implementation centre by improving day-to-day management, project preparation, appraisal, assessment, implementation, monitoring, control and evaluation.

The scope of the consultancy contract includes:

  • Assisting with project assessment, preparation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Conducting workshops and seminars to train the Ministry staff

PM Group is providing the following services on the contract:

  • Provision of technical expertise
  • Support with project management and coordination
  • Training of staff