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Project Development Capacity Support, Bulgaria
The overall objective of this project was to ensure Bulgaria’s improved capability to undertake EU membership obligations in the areas of regional policy and the co-ordination of structural instruments for economic and social cohesion. The improvement of these capabilities significantly supported more integrated regional and economic development.

Project Development Capacity Support, Bulgaria

The project was implemented in co-operation with the Directorate General for Programming of Regional Development (DG PRD) within Bulgaria’s Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.  It also involved working with associated regional offices in coordination with directorates designated as Managing Authorities in the Ministries of Economy, Finance and Labour and Social Policy.

The specific objectives of the project focused on:

  • Developing appropriate skills and expertise among regional stakeholders in elaborating demand-oriented regional strategic documents
  • Strengthening and promoting partnerships at strategic and project levels
  • Identifying requirements to improve absorption capacity among final recipients of Structural Funds assistance
  • Identifying viable project proposals for absorption of Structural Funds
  • Developing a coherent set of up to 200 projects to build a sustainable project pipeline

Scope of PM Group services:

  • Six Regional Development Plans updated and finalised 
  • Overall Communication Strategy developed and implemented
  • Action Plans for Operational Programmes for Regional Development, Competitiveness and Human Resources Development elaborated
  • Comprehensive training programmes developed and implemented
  • Tools disseminated (ie, manuals, handbooks, guidelines, project examples etc) to responsible bodies and Structural Funds’ beneficiaries