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Eurocodes - Building the Future

Eurocodes - Building the Future

The standardisation of all European Union Government building contracts and tenders with Eurocodes brings new challenges for designers such as PM Group.

There are 10 structural Eurocodes which replaced the previous national standards in all EU member states since March 2010. Since then all public sector projects in the European Union must be designed by Engineering Consultants to Eurocodes in order to comply with EU public procurement rules - i.e. The Works Directive (93/37/EEC) and The Services Directive (2006/123/EC).

It is mandatory that the Member States accept designs to the EN Eurocodes, since the National standards implementing the EN Eurocodes will become the standard technical specification in all contracts for public works and public services.

National codes such as BS and IS standard are being withdrawn as the Eurocodes come on stream and it appears that very quickly all new projects, whether private or public, will be designed to these new codes.

The EN Eurocodes cover:

  • Basis of structural design (EN 1990)
  • Actions on structures (EN 1991)
  • Design of concrete (EN 1992)
  • Steel (EN 1993)
  • Composite steel and concrete (EN1994)
  • Timber (EN 1995)
  • Masonry (EN 1996)
  • Geotechnical design (EN 1997)
  • Design, assessment and retrofitting of structures for earthquake resistance (EN 1998)
  • Aluminium structures (EN 1999)

The Eurocodes are universally accepted as the most technically advanced global design codes in the world.
For more information, please contact:
Ireland: Pat Gale
UK: Jonathon Burke
Europe: Hans Peeters
Poland: Maciej Król