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Location Selection and Strategic Project Planning

From location selection to fully permitted site, PM Group can provide support for critical corporate decisions at the project inception stage.

Location Selection & Project Planning

Few corporate decisions have as many far-reaching implications for the success of future business operations as the choice of location for new operating facilities.  In addition, several factors have emerged to make the process of location selection and subsequent project start-up increasingly complex. These include requirements for project fast-tracking, speed to market, international cost differentials, globalisation, strict planning and environmental legislation and utility supply constraints.

With over 40 years experience delivering fast track projects for multi-national clients around the world, we understand the need to ensure that location selection and subsequent project inception tasks are focused on maximising return and minimising risk.  This is why PM Group provides a specialist and dedicated consultancy service to clients that supports facility location selection and related strategic planning services. 

Our successful track record in delivering these Strategic Project Planning Services is founded on our ability to seamlessly integrate this work into a complete design and project and construction management service, covering the full project lifecycle, from inception to start-up.  

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