Our goal is to design, build and deliver safe assets safely for our clients.
People are at the heart of our approach. We call this Living Safety™.

Our safety ethos

Living Safety plays a key role in supporting our vision as we grow and continue to work safely together.  We are committed to continual improvement beyond systems and procedures to enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and partners.

Safe Assets Delivered Safely by Safe, Healthy, Motivated People

Safe Assets Delivered Safely by Safe, Healthy, Motivated People

A systematic, integrated life cycle approach to ensure:

Safe assets – designed

Underpinned by strong leadership, safety is embedded in every aspect of our services. Our expert teams include design risk managers, process safety and SME project reviewers. We create buildings and processes that are safe to operate, maintain and decommission.

Safe assets – delivered

Safe delivery includes transportation, construction, commissioning and start-up. Delivery stage is where there is the most potential to come into contact with hazards. We select the right teams, promote a positive and inclusive health and safety culture. Diligent planning and controls are in place on every project.

Safe Healthy Motivated People

Safe, Healthy, Motivated People

We value, protect and support our people and their physical, mental and emotional well-being. By promoting a positive, inclusive health and safety culture we ensure safe assets are delivered safely.

Visible Safety Leadership and Continual Improvement

Visible Safety Leadership and Continual Improvement

Our culture of safety leadership, allows everyone to feel accountable for safety. We go beyond  the call of duty to identify unsafe conditions and behaviours and are comfortable intervening to correct them. Our health, safety and wellbeing metrics are tracked monthly and reported at Board and management levels.

Track record

Fundamental to our success is achieving a consistent, excellent health and safety performance. We have an exceptional track record built over 50 years working in highly complex environments.