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We currently require an experienced Health and Safety Coordinator for our Client, based in Dublin

The purpose of this role is to assist the OHS Senior Accountable Site Person and site leadership in day-to-day implementation of the Client’s Occupational, Health & Safety policy, programs and site priorities. 


Key Accountabilities

Risk Management Framework

  • Work with Site Champion to establish, implement and manage a system to identify non-conformances/hazards and near-misses
  • Complete and review risk assessments as needed
  • Communicate and track office annual objectives and targets for relevant governance areas
  • Ensure all new employees are given an appropriate health and safety induction and receive the H&S training applicable to their role
  • Review and coordinate H&S training at the required frequencies
  • Ensure self-assurance HSW audit programme is implemented effectively

OHS Policy

  • Ensure office operates in conformance of the OH&S Policy
  • Review and ensure compliance with external Health & Safety legislation and internal Client Global Risk Management requirements

Occupational Health

  • Work with Occupational Health team and verify that first aid equipment and supplies are in working order and within the expiration date
  • Communicate specific regional Wellbeing policies and initiatives to staff when applicable
  • Maintain training records of First Aiders and Fire Wardens

Hazardous Substances

  • Maintain an up-to-date list of hazardous substances stored in the office
  • Verify proper containment, labels and personal protective equipment for materials stored or used on-site
  • Develop emergency plan for any “material” hazardous substances used or stored at the site

Hazardous Tasks

  • Document that staff have been trained and competent in safe systems of work
  • Ensure any high risk activities e.g. working at height are controlled by a suitable safe system of work

Work Equipment

  • Verify that operating procedures for major work equipment is up-to-date and instructions provided


  • Confirm with property management that electrical systems (including temporary wiring) are designed to minimize risk of injury and loss and are on inspection/testing regime


  • Ensure that fire exit routes are understood
  • Conduct evacuation drills and assembly at designated location(s)
  • Confirm with property management that fire-fighting equipment and suppression systems shall be inspected, tested, and maintained

Accident/Near Miss Reporting (if applicable)

  • Ensure all employees are aware of/trained on Client Accident and Near miss reporting process
  • Capture and record all accidents on Client reporting system Entropy


  • Review safety performance of contractors/suppliers.  (Permit to work Writing may be required in some occasions)

Manual Handling/Ergonomics/Slips Trips and Falls

  • Ensure employees are trained on these common hazards and have the appropriate office equipment
  • Verify procedures/risk assessments are in place to ensure employees know how to correctly set up their office workstation, use mechanical handling aids where provided

Event Management

  • Ensure any internally hosted events have been risk assessed and an Event Management Plan is in place to mitigate all envisaged risks

Essential Experience & Skills

  • At least 2 years’ experience in office (site) based environment
  • Have a personal passion and interest in the area of OH&S
  • Be able to effectively engage and influence Senior Leaders across the business to embed Health and Safety Management System and Culture

Previous Training/Experience or willing to be trained in the following areas:

  • General Office Safety
  • Permit to Work Training (Only General Permit activities)
  • Accident Reporting and Data recording
  • Fire Extinguishers – small or just starting fires
  • Floor Warden’s Responsibilities, Evacuations,  Assembly & Roll-call
  • Golden Rules
  • Introduction to SFIP
  • IOSH Managing Safely or equivalent


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