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Meet our 2017 Winning Innovators

The 2017 Innovation in Action Awards recognized and celebrated many fantastic innovations and ideas from people right across the company. 

Solving a diverse range of challenges, they include solutions like the Sustainability Unit, a think tank to develop world class solutions to sustainable design; HVAC Modular, a design approach that will see a reduction of over 50% in the space and energy required for HVAC systems; Marvin – a Set Up and Leave robotics testing solution for sterile environments with the potential to reduce contamination and resources by over 60%; Helpout Task Market to better use unsold time and make us more efficient for our clients.

“We are inspired by our clients’ needs, by the sustainable environment, and by our desire to create buildings today that will both excite and enable future generations.” Said Andy Rayner, Group Technical Director, at the event.

Congratulations to all the Category winners and to Overall winners, Dave Kennedy and Chris McMahon for their innovation, Smart Project Schedule Communication, a system to exponentially increase the level of communication on construction projects. The project is targeted at clients and contractors who all use the same short form visual schedule to monitor progress and ensure optimum co-ordination of work on sites.

Our 2017 Award Winning Innovators: 

Smart Construction Project Schedule Communication
Dave Kennedy and Chris McMahon

New Idea with the Most POTENTIAL
Sustainability Unit
Brian McKnight, Michael Keohane, Mark Ryan

Best NEW DESIGN Innovation
HVAC Modular
Con Leddy

Best NEW METHOD Innovation
Help-out Resource Optimisation
Suresh Akkannapragada, Ronan Gale, Matthew Blaza

Best NEW SERVICE Innovation
Site Master Planning Standardisation
David O’Sullivan, Oisín O’Sullivan

Best SECTOR TLT Innovation
Marvin Autonomous Sampling System
Pharma TLT – Dave Wolton

Technology Specific Adjacency Diagrams
John Duggan

Best INDIVIDUAL Innovation
BIM as a Construction Stage Submittal Tool
Edel Kelly

Trusses Accommodate Complex Design
(New Steel Construction Magazine)
John Diffley

Best CONFERENCE PAPER Presentation
Benefits of BIM (Engineers Ireland)
Ray Smiddy


Highly Commended Submissons

IS / BIM Citrix Solution for MOE
Emma Hayes, Victor O’Mahony, Alan Trought, Aoife Cremin

Paperless Isometric Production/Checking
Combined submission by personnel within Cork BIM and Piping departments