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Phase Two of Singapore Biopharmaceutical Land Utilisation Study

Phase Two of Singapore Biopharmaceutical Land Utilisation Study

PM Group undertakes Phase Two of a land utilisation study which is spearheaded by the Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), the Singapore government agency which provides industrial real estate solutions and services.

PM Group was awarded this contract, having previously carried out the initial biopharmaceutical land utilisation study in 2009 for the JTC Corporation to analyse existing and future biopharmaceutical development in Singapore’s Tuas Biomedical Park.

Due to the growth of biopharmaceutical manufacturing in Singapore, there was the need to ensure that land utilisation is optimised by new biopharmaceutical facilities at the design stage.

PM Group reviewed site and building layouts of existing biopharmaceutical facilities and benchmarked them against selected international reference sites in Europe, U.S.A, China and India.

The team, comprising experts from PM Group’s global network of process offices including Singapore, analysed the existing Tuas Biomedical Park versus future needs anticipated in the biopharmaceuticals sector.

The team then proposed viable design options for future biopharmaceuticals facilities in Tuas Biomedical Park which provided both better land utilisation and also addressed the strategic needs of commercial viability, expansion potential, scale, cost and operation of these buildings.

Following the results of that first study, this second study sees PM Group proposing a series of innovative concepts for new, modern biopharmaceuticals facilities in Singapore that not only meet the operational, regulatory and economic objectives of clients, but also better utilise the industrial land set aside for the biomedical sector in Singapore.

Pictured commemorating PM Group's win of Phase Two of JTC Singapore biopharmaceutical land utilisation study are (left to right): Allan Schouten, PM Group; Irish Ambassador Joe Hayes; Lim Eng Hwa, JTC; Pat McGrath, PM Group; Gerard Lien, JTC; Heah Soon Poh, JTC; Pat O'Riordan, Enterprise Ireland.

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