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Supply Chain Ready - PM Group and Ohde

International engineering and project management company, PM Group and specialist management consultancy, Ohde & Co have introduced a new service called Supply Chain Ready™ targeted at the Medical Technology and Biopharmaceuticals markets and designed to reduce costs, save time and result in a faster time to market.

The rate of change for the new generation of medical technologies, including ’patient-centric’ devices and combination products with other sectors means traditional solutions alone are no longer adequate and need to be enhanced by the latest technical design concepts and management systems.  Supply Chain Ready™ is a high value service created to address the increased cost and quality demands and more stringent regulatory requirements in these sectors.

“This is an exciting new approach that will cut costs, greatly reduce time and mean a faster time to market.  We are bringing our extensive expertise in project delivery in the Medical Technology and Biopharma sectors and combining it with the wide ranging LEAN management consultancy experience of Ohde & Co to offer clients an innovative new service that tackles issues of operational efficiency and regulatory compliance”, said Tom White, Head of Medical Technologies, PM Group.

“The increasing demand on operation efficiency is seen in many other high technology business sectors.  For example, in the automotive sector, companies have adopted and perfected principles of LEAN delivery to successfully solve operational inefficiencies.  These methods are now well established and we are combining some of these principles into the new Supply Chain Ready ™ service (with PM Group)”, said Sven Ohde, Managing Director, Ohde & Co.

PM Group will continue to offer its extensive experience in project delivery to meet the highest standards in financial, quality and regulatory requirements.  PM Group also ensures that the realisation of projects is adapted to meet higher demands on efficiency and productivity.  This is done by applying state-of-the-art LEAN techniques in physical layouts, material/information flows and the management of operations.

Ohde & Co provide their deep expertise in strategic LEAN assessment and value chain optimization techniques to ensure that LEAN concepts are incorporated into product development and commercialization as part of a global supply chain from the outset.

For more information, please contact:

Tom White, PM Group
T: +353 1 4040 700