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Are you looking to reduce long lead times, make your supply chain more efficient and improve warehouse capacity? An obvious solution is SDD™.


Fast, efficient and available 24/7 online, SDD™ lowers inventory, warehouse size and provides significant associated cost savings. It also has major benefits for brownfield facilities and land poor locations.

Reduced design time

Standardisation tools like SDD™ substantially reduce design times:-

  • 355 designs can be chosen from the library
  • There is no customisation required
  • Designers can choose and order virtually in one step
  • They are available online, anytime, anywhere in the world

Shorter lead times

The potential to greatly reduce lead times is significant:-

  • Suppliers can anticipate likely order levels from multiple companies
  • Stock levels can be more easily anticipated and increased making them more available
  • Lack of customisation time ensures faster delivery

Reduced inventory

A major benefit is to reduce the level of inventory you need to hold for customised parts:-

  • Easier to plan and include multiple sites
  • More efficient forecasting and ordering
  • Less inventory held means less space required
  • Better oversight of stock levels means there is less chance of having a warehouse full of items that could not be used for failed products
  • Reducing inventory also frees up space for other uses.

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Javier Lozano
Javier Lozano

Javier Lozano