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PM Group’s 2023 Innovation Awards were jam packed with new ideas and innovations.

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Innovation Awards 2023

“Our people are generating incredible ideas that are making a real difference to our business and to the service we offer our clients,” said Niall O’Loughlin, Strategic Development.

AI featured strongly this year and the top prize went to AI Design Tool Suite, an innovation by one of our talented Architects, Pieter Muller.

As the title suggests, it is a suite of tools that assists the designer to streamline their workflow and produce creative solutions in an efficient way. The suite focuses on the initial kick off and feasibility phase of projects. It can enable clients to receive enhanced guidance on design options even before the start of the concept design phase.

“AI is developing at phenomenal speed. Every industry in the world is trying to work out how to use it to serve their clients. AI Design Tool Suite gives us a creative edge to deliver reliable, accurate information and unique design options. We are moving at pace to integrate tools like this into our everyday business,” said Pieter.

“The simplicity of the idea means that it can be applied to a range of activities from feasibility studies, site exploration, to exterior and interior design. Because of its speed and flexibility, it can be used for the large and the small. From site masterplan exploration to interior design ideation such as labs, office and utility areas. The suite has the potential to streamline our design process and seamlessly integrate into our daily tasks”.

“To celebrate our 50th year, PM Group’s Innovation Awards prize fund was increased to €50,000 with a top prize of €10,000. Congratulations to all the Category Winners in the 2023 competition. AI Design Tool Suite is one of a series of smart innovations that we expect to put in place in the future,” said Niall O’Loughlin.

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Pic: Pieter Muller receives the Overall Award from Liam Foley, Director of Strategy and Development.