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The EU is making the single biggest update to regulatory guidelines in decades. Our new Compliance Assessment Tool will help you to prepare for the significant changes to be made in the EU GMP Annex 1 regulation.

New Compliance Assessment Tool

PM Group’s world leading Aseptic experts have developed a robust, aseptic Compliance Assessment Tool that will systematically guide you through all the updates to the new Draft Annex 1. Using the specially designed Tool, our experts will help you to determine your state of readiness.

Leading the way

At PM Group we continually strive to stay fully appraised of all new developments in the regulatory field. We make sure your process always remains compliant, now and in the future.

How we can help

We offer a variety of solutions to assist your organisation to achieve compliance with revised Annex 1 requirements:

  • Perform the gap analysis using our bespoke assessment tool
  • Prioritise potential gaps
  • Recommend remedial actions
  • One Stop Shop to review, assess and correct

Listening, anticipating, advancing and understanding client needs.

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EU GMP Annex 1 experts
EU GMP Annex 1 experts

EU GMP Annex 1 experts