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Over time, plant and equipment is often modified and the necessary changes to site plans can be forgotten and left unchanged.

This can cause a problem for safety where plans do not reflect the changes made. Missing hazardous area classifications or revisions where new installations prevent a clear fire exit route from buildings obviously have major safety implications.

As built data capture is especially helpful with 'cut and carve' projects, allowing early identification of potential clashes and reducing re-work which can impact on both time and cost.

In addition to the above, surveying can also provide information that can be used to update P & ID’s, Asset Registers and Valve and Instrumentation Schedules. All these can help companies that hold or are working towards ISO 9000+ or are regulated by an external body. – such as the pharmaceutical industry FDA - to meet their obligations to keep P&ID’s and Asset Registers fully updated.

Our UK team offers a several As Built Data Capture solutions including:

  • Laser Scanning
  • Photogrammetry
  • Manual site surveys


The above methods vary considerably in complexity, accuracy, time and cost.
Depending on your company’s needs, we can provide optimal as built data capture solution.

Contact our specialist UK team to find out how we can help with your requirements.

Peter Farrelly
Peter Farrelly

Peter Farrelly