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Major issues affecting the drug product industry include long lead times, high equipment costs, and reliance on modified legacy technologies that introduce operational compromises.

To meet the unprecedented demand for pharmaceuticals, the industry needs to adopt a more responsive, modular, technology approach. At ISPE’s 2022 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, Austin Lock, PM Group’s Technical Director, will introduce ‘A Paradigm Shift in Fill Finish Technology’.

Austin will use the backdrop of a collaboration case study between three international companies, each offering something very different. He will describe their innovation journey, from vision to solution.  The approach starts from first principles and adopts a range of technologies such as robotics filling, smart manufacturing, modular design and construction. Austin will explain how the companies combined their knowledge and skillsets and modified existing product offerings. Between them, they designed and built a flexible equipment offering that’s unique within the industry. This is a pre-engineered, pre-qualified and cost effective solution. It offers the industry a scale-out, in-country solution that will enable wider filling opportunities.

Similar to Operation Warp Speed where industry collaborated to deliver unimaginable results during the pandemic, this presentation reinforces the notion that collaboration between companies can deliver enhanced solutions for the benefit of the industry.    


Hear more from Austin on Tuesday 1st November at 16:30 at the ISPE Annual Meeting in Orlando. 

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