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Congratulations to NIBRT, a global leader in biopharmaceutical manufacturing training and research, on the launch of its new state-of-the-art advanced therapeutics research and training facility.

This extension at NIBRT’s existing Dublin site will enhance Ireland’s global position in biopharma manufacturing in the new area of advanced therapeutics, including cell and gene therapies, mRNA-based therapies and other novel vaccines.

The facility includes five research laboratories and two state-of-the-art training suites. PM Group services on the project include concept design, planning, detailed design and support during construction. Construction work has commenced and the extension is expected to be complete and operational in the second quarter of 2023.

Speaking at the event, NIBRT CEO Darrin Morrissey commented “The role of NIBRT is to help the growth and development of the biopharma manufacturing sector in Ireland by providing cutting edge training and research solutions. NIBRT intends to further enhance our current capability by becoming a leader in the pioneering and fast-evolving area of advanced therapies and vaccines.

It is an immensely exciting time for NIBRT. With this expansion, we expect to deliver training for many more potential and newly-hired biopharma staff, as well as considerable growth in our research activities. This has the potential to rapidly enhance Ireland’s standing as a location of choice for advanced therapy and vaccine manufacturing.”

Attending the event, Derek Mowlds, Ireland Director of Operations, PM Group, said; “We are excited be involved as designers of this innovative new facility which will support emerging advances in cell and gene therapy research and manufacturing. The work done here will make a real difference to people’s lives”.


Pictured above at the launch event are Derek Mowlds, PM Group; Martin Shanahan, CEO, IDA Ireland; Tánaiste Leo Varadkar; Owen Sisk, Sisk Construction; Aisling Crowley, NIBRT; Darrin Morrissey, CEO, NIBRT.

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About Advanced Therapeutics (ATMPs):

Also known as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, ATMPs treat diseases at molecular level and represent a potential step-change in the personalisation of treatment and in the treatment outcomes. For example, cell therapy is a medical approach that aims to introduce new, healthy cells into a patient’s body to replace diseased or missing ones. While gene therapy treats or prevents disease by correcting the underlying genetic problem that causes the disease. Delivering these treatments to patients has the potential to offer tremendous therapeutic benefits, in some cases even a cure, in previously intractable illnesses like cancer, diabetes and neurological conditions. However, the manufacture of these highly sophisticated therapies is highly complex and producing them in a cost-effective and safe way presents unique challenges.