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Digital technology is transforming the way we design, manage and deliver projects. Coral Butler, Group Head of Digitally enabled Lean Project Delivery, talks about the benefits that digital technology brings to project delivery.

What benefits are digital technologies bringing to project delivery?

Across the project lifecycle – from design, construction, project management through to handover – digital tools are massively impacting the way we work. The benefits include the ability to be faster, more accurate, visualise in real time and deal with issues before they actualise as time or cost concerns. In reality, the benefits are endless if you adopt the right tools.

What do you look for in digital tools?

As project delivery specialists and digital integrators, PM Group manage huge data sets and models. Given our multiple contract options we provide various levels of digitally enabled projects therefore we are constantly exploring ways to work smarter and faster. We look for new technologies that allow us to be more proactive, reduce rework of design and improve communications with the project team and our clients. The more technologies can fit seamlessly into our business, the easier we can deliver real benefits to our clients. Ease of use is key to adoption and empowering our teams to champion digital technologies over traditional methods.

What kind of technologies are you currently using?

We use a wide range of technologies including AR, VR, MR, Robotics, AI, Data Analytics and so on. We’re also collaborating with the leaders in ConTech. A recent example is the HoloSite™/Atom™ (Gen2) AR innovation from XYZ Reality. We are using this technology on some of our construction sites in Europe. It is significantly quicker than traditional laser survey methods. The high level of accuracy removes the need for constant laser surveying with significant cost and labour savings.

What’s next?

It’s a great start but the industry needs more of this kind of technology. We are actively creating solutions but equally, we invite any of those in ConTech to wow us, show us what you have and how that may help us drive a cultural change and be a positive disruption to the industry.



Coral Butler was featured on the B1M Construction video 'AR has arrived in Construction'


Coral took part in the expert panel on the Main Stage at Digital Construction Week 2021 at ExCeL London.