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Six years after publishing the first “Lessons Learned in the Ballroom” article in Pharmaceutical Engineering magazine, Treasa Rohrer and Dave Wolton have authored a follow-on article looking at what has happened in biopharma factory design since 2014. They also look forward to the ever-evolving practices in single-use and hybrid facilities.

Topics covered in the article include:

  • Tote Movement
  • Standardization of Disposables
  • Equipment Clustering
  • Buffer Management Strategy
  • Modular and Prototypical Design
  • Automation
  • Robotics


Incorporating the above into facility design will result in production areas becoming:

Leaner – due to minimal operator interaction with totes, just-in-time production of media and buffers, and use of buffer concentrates
Smaller – due to limiting the space provided to that required for ergonomic access, the proximity of all associated equipment, and use of vertical height
Standardised – due to the use of standardized disposables where possible, and use of standardized dance floor designs
Reliable – due to defined tubing routes, static equipment, recipe-driven automation, and central data gathering.


Read the full story on ISPE's 'Pharmaceutical Engineering' website.