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The BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG) Robotics Team will lead a session on the opportunities for robotics in biopharma manufacturing at BioProcess International US West. The session will be held on Day 2 of the conference, Wednesday, 11 March 2020.

Next generation facilities

Dave Wolton, Biopharma Technology Consultant, PM Group will lead this session, which seeks to expand on how robotics could benefit next-generation facilities.

“Getting medicines to patients in need safer, faster and cheaper has always been the aim of the pharma industry. This too is a key driver in the adoption of robotics in this highly regulated sector.  Together with our industry colleagues, we are delighted to be part of this,” said Dave Wolton, PM Group.

Multiple robotics initiatives

PM Group is involved in multiple robotics initiatives with universities, multinational manufacturers, international standards organisations and government bodies. The aim is to facilitate next-generation pharma manufacturing.

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BPOG robotics team

The goal of the BPOG Robotics Team is to investigate the possibilities for modern robotics in Biopharma. Since its formation in 2017, the Team published a paper on the topic authored by Rajesh G Beri, Immunovant Inc., Dave Wolton, PM Group and Dr Carl-Helmut Coulon, Bayer. The paper was looking to support the development of robotics in the following areas:-

  • Quality control and material handling
  • Buffer and media preparation
  • Manipulation of cells in Isolators /BSC’s

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