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We continue to collaborate with leading universities associated with the pharma industry, and are delighted to support University College London’s (UCL) training programme for bioprocessing industrialists.

Austin Lock, Technical Director and Group Head of Technology at PM Group, will present on Drug Substance Manufacturing and Flexible Facility Design, during UCL’s Bioprocess Design and Economic Evaluation module. The module is part of UCL’s Bioprocess Industry Training Programme. It runs from 14-17th June.

The module focuses on how to specify a complex bioprocess and determine its economic feasibility. The programme as a whole supports working professionals to master bioprocessing fundamentals, advance their bioprocessing skills and accelerate their career.

"As leaders in the development of biochemical engineering solutions, we are focused on working with the best pharma engineering universities around the world”, said Austin. “Supporting UCL with this programme is an example of how we work with universities. In this instance it strengthens our engagement at this academic level in the UK. Developing such a partnership allows valued collaboration between us; whether providing UCL students with focused employment opportunities, or working closely with UCL’s team on bioprocess industry development projects.”

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