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​We were delighted to re-certify for the Business Working Responsibly Mark, an NSAI standard for businesses based on ISO26000.

Running a responsible business is a strategic imperative for PM Group. We have a duty to perform to the highest standards to ensure a sustainable future for everyone - our people, clients, communities and trade partners. 

“Re-certifying to the Business Working Responsibly Mark is a recognition that every day, we are living our values of integrity, partnership, expertise, commitment and inclusion. It’s a key part of our journey to help build a more sustainable world with all of our stakeholders,” said Dave Murphy, CEO, PM Group.

The Business Working Responsibly Mark is a national standard that aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and validates that we are integrating responsible/best practices into our business. It makes us look deeply at how we work to ensure we have policy, practice and performance in key areas, including:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Environmental performance
  • Community engagement
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Client relationships
  • Good governance


“We acknowledge and value the support that Business in the Community Ireland provides to us on our Corporate Responsibility journey.  The Business Working Responsibly Mark is a rigorous accreditation process and provides us with a great opportunity to do a regular “root and branch” review of our practices and learn and grow from there,” said Cathriona Fitzsimons, CR Coordinator, PM Group.



Business in the Community Ireland is a movement for sustainable change in business. In a dynamic and changing environment, sustainable businesses are successful businesses.