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At the summer 'Career Progression' events hosted by PM Group's Women's Network, Neelima Bhaduri, Mairead McGuinness and Dr Sue Behrens spoke about the obstacles and successes they've seen throughout their careers.

Over 400 people attended the talks in our Asia, Europe and USA regions. We were inspired by the speaker's insights, openess and honesty about the times they succeeded and the times they didn't.

The overriding themes from these events emphasised the need to:

  • Speak up or ask for help
  • Actively seek out opportunities
  • Build resilience
  • Adapt to changing work / life balances
  • Have a voice for those who don't have one
  • Learn from good mentors and role models
  • Have a strong support network around you to help you succeed with your career progression goals.


Top: Pictured with speaker Mairead McGuinness (centre) are event participants Mags Dalton (left) and Voke Dortie (right)

About PM Group's Women's Network

PM Group's Women's Network aims to provide women within the business with the confidence and tools needed to meet their own career aspirations. PM Group supports career progression for women and the wider business through learning and development initiatives. Support is available from early career stages, through to those at the height of their career. This includes programmes such as:

  • NEXT Graduate Programme
  • MIND (Mentoring In New Dimensions) Programme
  • Management Core Competency Training
  • Discipline Lead Training
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) Training