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As a result of advances in the development and approval of CAR-T therapies, developments in the architecture of associated cell therapy facilities are gaining momentum. Buildings need to accommodate evolving processes and must be patient-oriented.

PM Group’s Arantxa Lera will lead this talk at the ISPE Ireland Conference in Dublin on Thursday, 16th May 2019. Some of the concepts Arantxa will explore include:

Personalised treatments and limited supply chains

Each patient is central to the development of their personalised treatment (mostly autologous). This results in small volume, short duration processes with limited supply chains that are not easily scalable.

Reducing manufacturing costs

The greatest cost in operation is associated with manufacturing:

  • Directly - through the capital cost of property and equipment
  • Indirectly - through functional flows and ergonomics

Future proofing

During her talk, Arantxa will explore the kind of spatial designs required for future technologies and processes. She will look at how rigorous segregation can ensure confidentiality and prevent clinical errors.

Personalised cell therapy is at the vanguard of current pharma development. It is imperative that infrastructure design reinforces this impetus.

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ISPE Ireland Conference, 16th May 2019

About Arantxa Lera

Arantxa is the UK Head of Architecture at PM Group, based in Birmingham. With 20+ years’ experience, she has led many pharmaceutical and regenerative medicine projects. More recently her expertise has developed in Car-T Facility Design, including a campus consolidation masterplan for a new biopharma centre of excellence and a major bio-processing centre. Arantxa holds a Masters in Architecture from the University of the Basque Country. Her personal interest in the adaptability of buildings, led to a post-professional MSc in Urban Design from University College Dublin.