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The future of patient specific medicine, including cell and gene therapy, is driving a need for flexible facility designs to produce and ship product to patients quickly.

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Cell and Gene Therapy manufacturing facility of the future

Flexibility and adaptability

The integrated multi-level facility design enables automated handing of batch materials and samples between the different functional areas. These include logistics, batch materials preparation, manufacturing, QC laboratories and dispatch for patient delivery.

This is enabled by extensive automation, data transparency, and real time release, with autonomous robotics facilitating high product throughput and environmental monitoring.

The CGT facility will incorporate an automated warehouse, facilitating rapid deployment of personalised treatments to the clinic for patient use. 

The concept employs automated warehouse systems for JIT material delivery. It utilizes wireless tracking technologies with full component traceability of patient specific batches and samples. The use of robots helps meet the demands of component kitting activities. Automated UV sanitization of robots and materials facilitates moving between graded areas.

The stacked QC lab is automated to facilitate 24/7 QC operation. This in turn enhances turnaround speed to get product back to the patient quickly.

Environmentally responsive

The building’s external envelope is an environmentally responsive design. It maximizes solar energy while controlling solar gain within the facility. Parametric design tools are utilised to generate the envelope form and articulation.

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