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At the Qidong Life Science Forum in China, PM Group experts presented key success factors for strategic site selection and delivery of major Pharma and Medtech projects in China.

John Duggan, Felix Ni, Derek Mowlds and David Yang of PM Group shared their insights based on over 10 years’ experience of supporting FDI clients investing in China.

They highlighted key factors including: 

  • The development of enterprise clusters with activities from R&D to large-scale manufacturing to create a sustainable development zone;
  • The key selection criteria that investors consider when deciding on a location; 
  • Lessons learned from delivering complex projects in China, including:
    • The importance of strategic partnerships 
    • Permitting and regulatory approvals
    • Flexible campus design and infrastructure
    • Developing a sound business case and project delivery plan

“We were honoured to be invited by the Qidong government to share our project delivery experience," said Felix Ni, Managing Director, PM Group - China. "Quidong has great potential as a location for high quality Lifescience investment due to its location and proximity to Shanghai, its access to a wide talent pool and its supportive local government.” 

The 2019 China Qidong International Economic and Trade Conference was hosted to promote and attract investment to Quidong city.  The conference was attended by local and regional government, investors and clients. Companies that have recently invested in Qidong include Bayer and Wuxi Apptec.

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Pictured above: PM Group attendees including Jean Li, Vivian Wang, Felix Ni, Derek Mowlds, John Duggan, David Yang, Joey Peng, and Rita L.