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Clean utilities, particularly compendial waters, are significant consumers of heat and power in biopharmaceutical facilities.

This has an impact in direct energy costs  as well as on the size of the facility’s carbon footprint, and forthcoming increases in  carbon taxation will further add to the costs.  

Over the past 15 years, changes in the generation and storage of water, operating practices and end-user requirements have allowed the cost of water production to be lowered significantly. Applying such measures to an entire facility can provide meaningful savings in operational and even capital expenditure. This presentation looks at the potential savings from a number of discrete areas as well as the cumulative effect if all are to be applied in the context of a new facility.

Michael Law is a Principal Process Engineer with PM Group. Michael is a Chemical Engineer with 32 years’ experience in the design of pharmaceutical facilities, nearly 30 of which have been in a lead role in all phases from concept to detailed design.  His areas of expertise cover the full range of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing as well as acting a Subject Matter Expert on Clean Utilities. 

Mike will discuss this topic at ISPE's Clean Utilities seminar in Galway, Ireland on 14th March.

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