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As a client in the Medical Technologies or Life Sciences sectors, you can expect a best-in-class approach to your cleanroom project. Our experts will realise spaces that meet your current and future needs.

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Solutions have to be economical, based on expected process and capacity utilisation models. They need to have the flexibility for change. Also important is efficiency, sustainability and energy utilisation.

Flexible, modular, scalable

Cleanroom design has become a large element of the ‘facility of the future’ discussion, with the focus on modular, scalable and flexible. At PM Group, our team operate at the highest level, designing facilities with cleanroom spaces across multiple sectors.

How we can help

Our design philosophy is customer centric and you will be in good hands with our highly experienced MedTech team. Understanding your needs and expectations, in a collaborative approach, allows us to exceed in delivery.

Agile, smart design

What does this mean in terms of a cleanroom design by PM Group?



Our designs include open, ballroom spaces capable of sub-division for differing needs. With an eye on the future, we include the latest flexible solutions, technologies and materials. One of the benefits of working with us is being able to see your plant before it is constructed. We can help you to walk through your cleanroom and perfect the process.

Energy & Sustainability

We design spaces that use minimal power, cooling and heating systems. Sustainable solutions include rainwater harvesting and LEED accreditation/certification.


Designs focus on cleanability and the highest cGMP requirements.


Walk on ceilings, grids that support electrical network, vacuum and compressed air supply. HVAC systems are segmentable and reconfigurable. Lighting is programmable to match operating times and changing needs

Contact our experts Dermot Donnelly or Sean Coombs.

Cleanroom design experts
Cleanroom design experts

Cleanroom design experts