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Why you should be working in CQV in Ireland

Ireland has long been a key destination for big pharma who can access the right level of expertise to design, build and operate their complex manufacturing facilities.  With the phenomenal investment in the industry over the past two years, CQV services are now experiencing a surge in investment.  This is likely to continue over the next few years.

Long-term job opportunities in CQV are becoming the norm across a range of development types from greenfield biotechnology developments through to single system expansions. There is a huge variety of roles and great opportunities to work with different technologies. CQV offers genuinely interesting work in a specialised industry and can help on the journey to becoming a subject matter expert.

Variety of CQV opportunities

PM Group is expanding its CQV offering to clients.  We have one of the highest qualified CQV teams in the industry and are looking to hire up to 30 professionals over the next three months.  
“What's really attractive to our employees is the variety of CQV opportunities we have. Because we work for the world's Top 20 Pharma companies, they get involved in the best projects in Ireland and elsewhere. We offer excellent benefits and long term assignments so this is very appealing to people working abroad who might be looking to relocate back to Ireland. We have been very successful in creating one of the best CQV teams working in industry today,” said Grainne Ryan, Group Head of CQV.

If you would like to join this team, visit our careers section to view and apply for current CQV positions.