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As we look back on 2019 in our CR Report, we reflect on Commitment as one of our core values.

Our people’s sense of commitment has shone through in the past few months as we deal with the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. As we emerge from the Pandemic, we will be here ready to support our employees, clients and community partners through the recovery.

That sense of commitment also extends to our suppliers and trade partners. Together, we are working to deliver better, more efficient and more sustainable ways of working that benefit our clients and our communities.

2019 was another very successful year for PM Group across the world. We are so proud of our people who again showed unstinting loyalty in supporting our expanding Corporate Responsibility Programmes across Community, Workplace, Marketplace, Safety and Environment.

You will see commitment represented throughout the 2019 CR Report but we think it is best represented by the work we did with our communities.

PM Group Working with our Communities in 2019