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To cultivate a skilled workforce it is important to lead with people instead of technology and using technology to support talent. Coral, Butler, Group Head of Digitally enabled Lean Project Delivery, PM Group talked to Irish Building Magazine about our approach.

The industry has never been busier,” said Coral. To adapt to the pace of growth, PM Group introduced a four-year digital strategy beginning in 2021. The Company’s roadmap for increased technology adoption focuses on cloud-based collaboration and building information modeling (BIM) data using systems such as Autodesk Construction Cloud. By embracing data insights and digital workflows, PM Group saw that it could deliver projects to clients with increased speed, safety, consistency, and quality.

To create the impact it wanted, PM Group had to focus as much on cultivating talent as it did on acquiring technology.

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I’m 20 years in the industry, and up until the past five or six years I was always more focused on the technical side of things,” Coral said. “But as I’ve matured, my appreciation of people has really come to the forefront. My focus is on people because technology enhances what people do.”


Investing in people

When so many firms struggle to attract and retain talent, PM Group managed to grow its workforce significantly by treating people as investments instead of commodities. The people-centric strategies that are helping PM Group to avoid a talent shortage are also beneficial for its talent surge, according to Coral. For instance, the company promotes a culture of work/life balance and mental wellness. That means embracing time-saving measures that advance projects quickly while giving employees space to take breaks, reducing burnout.

“My job as a manager is to ensure my team can be the best it can be to deliver the best quality that can be delivered,” said Coral, who adds that employee wellbeing impacts work quality, which impacts project success, which ultimately impacts client satisfaction.


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