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Aseptic manufacturing is one of the most challenging activities in the pharmaceutical sector. It is also one of the most complex. Industry expert Kevin Owen, PM Group will be delivering training on CVS (Compliance and Validation Services) at the forthcoming Aseptic Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products course in Amsterdam.

The purpose of the training is to ensure delegates understand the unique challenges involved. Particularly, inadequate contamination control and poor aseptic practice. Both can result in low quality injectibles resulting in significant issues for patients. Especially sobering when those patients may well be our nearest and dearest.

Hands on experience makes the difference

Practical aseptic training is essential to address the challenges involved. Hands on training by experienced professionals resonates with delegates. Speaking the same language encourages engagement. It helps to embed the messages long after the course is complete.

"As leaders in the field of aseptic project delivery, PM Group is well placed to provide this highly skilled training. We have real life, practical experience of running major pharma facilities. Our people are also working on the development of cutting edge technologies. We teach from our experience and combine it with what we know is going to happen in the future." said Kevin Owen, PM Group.

About Kevin Owen

Kevin Owen is the Aseptic processing Subject matter expert (SME). He has over 30 years’ operational experience in the Pharmaceutical industry in aseptic processing.

Kevin's experience includes regulatory compliance, positive and negative pressure cleanrooms, toxin handling, lyophilisation, specials manufacturing, clinical trial and commercial operations, and Laboratory design.


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