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A key part of PM Group's digital strategy, is harnessing technology and data capture to deliver richer, more robust insights for clients, every time. Coral Butler, Group Head of Digitally enabled Lean Project Delivery talks to Autodesk about the impact of its Assemble software on project efficiency.

"As project delivery specialists and digital integrators, we manage huge data sets and models. And, given our multiple contract options, we provide various levels of digitally-enabled projects. We’re always open to new solutions that allow us to be more proactive. And the more solutions that we can fit seamlessly into our business, the more we can deliver value and real benefits to our clients in the form of better project outcomes," says Coral.

The Assemble case study reveals:

Delivering a better client experience

For PM Group, improvements to the client experience mean greater alignment with each project’s budget and timeline and offer more insightful project updates. Syncing model information makes it possible to run real time iterations of a project’s process against its budget and timeline, to pinpoint and correct issues as they arise.  Additionally, the new data aggregation functionality allows our teams to visually depict incremental project progress to stakeholders across the full project lifecycle.

Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration, allows team members to follow the flow of information more easily. The benefits realised by digitising workflows are obvious and twofold – delivering a better experience for the client and generating more meaningful data. That same data can now be analysed using PM Group’s original parameters too, which makes reporting standardisation more seamless.

More insights, greater predictability

Our projects now generate more insights, which gives us much greater predictability. More predictability means that PM Group can spend more time nurturing and building upon the trusted relationships with its existing clients," says Coral Butler, Group Head of Digitally enabled Lean Project Delivery.

Better team connectivity

This is only one part of PM Group’s digital transformation journey. Plans are already underway to continue growing productivity gains, which will serve to improve the employee experience for their colleagues too. “PM Group is very open minded when it comes to evolving and changing, which is needed in an industry like ours,” shares Coral.


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