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Gambling with your critical data can have serious consequences especially with an average industry outage costs in the region of €625,000 per loss of service.

That equates to a cost increase of 38% over the last five years. New data cloud customers particularly need strike a balance between the optimal CAPEX balancing point between availability costs and reliability cost", says Lorcan Mooney, Data Centre Engineering Lead and Construction Consultant at PM Group.

The table above describes the traditional levels under the “Nines” and “Uptime Tier@” classifications. You can see even with scheduled maintenance how long the expected downtime is for each classification. With increased availability there is a direct CAPEX impact; eg a 5 Nines/TierIV Data Centre (Data Cloud Storage facility) costs approximately 2 times that of a 2 Nines/Tier Data Centre.

Source: Uptime Institute, the price of data centres and Anixter white paper.

By understanding key metrics, you can ensure a high level appreciation of risks, outages and how to positively mitigate them. No matter if you are an experienced data centre operator or a new data cloud customer, it will help you to identify where to focus your investment for optimum return. Doing so will also ensure a much higher level of data availability from your data centre provider or data cloud storage facility.

Read more about this in the download below, including - MTTF, MTTR and MTBF metrics; the business consequences; typical causes of unplanned data centre outages; Monte Carlo Analysis and policing the data centre providers.