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Meet Lola, who joined PM Group in 2020 as a BIM co-ordinator and now leads our BIM team in Belgium. Lola’s department supports all project stages for clients in the pharmaceutical and mission critical sectors.

What do you do?

Part of PM Group’s Digital Team, I am responsible for resources and the development of our BIM service in Belgium. We are a diverse group of people from Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands and Finland. We also work in conjunction with our teams in Ireland, the UK and Poland.

What inspired you to become a BIM Manager?

The challenge! The constant evolution that ensures nothing remains the same for any length of time. There is always something new that emerges and requires you to renew yourself.

What are you currently working on?

My main objective is to provide guidance and support, leading and coordinating some projects and dealing with resources. I place a big focus on improving communication within the team, enabling them to share experience and knowledge. Our department grew significantly over the past two years so I am also focused on creating a strong and powerful BIM structure.

Why is BIM so important?

In the past number of years, digital project delivery and BIM have turned the industry upside down. New, previously unthinkable innovations have already transformed our business from being strongly rooted in 2D/paper. We are building a digitally enabled, lean business and it will only accelerate from here.

How do you see this space developing in the future?

The digital project delivery space is so diverse and broad. We foresee that it will evolve to provide a wide range of solutions. Some of these include open BIM (interoperability, flexibility, collaboration), intelligent data, cloud-based solutions, automation, virtual reality etc.

What’s your favourite piece of technology?

Difficult to answer... What I really love most is learning and putting all the pieces together to assemble the puzzle. I cannot decide on only one!