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In the latest article in our series on the Toms Group greenfield manufacturing project in Poland, we look at permitting, procurement, construction management and the role of Design Author Supervision.


In Poland, when building a greenfield facility, it is necessary to have an environmental decision and utility agreements before applying for a building permit.  Examples of permits include; water law permit, IS (environmental), archaeological research, main building permit, occupancy permit etc. PM Group provided all the permitting documentation and relevant applications to the local authorities. 



Procurement was split into these phases:

  • Enabling Works Contractor – the scope included site development works, regrading of the existing ground ca. 1-3 metres above existing levels and the creation of water, sewage and gas connections to the plot. It also included preparation of the site compound, H&S site infrastructure, temporary fencing, temporary parking places and containers.
  • Main Civil Works Contractor Procurement (Package 1) – to create main core and shell structure, power, basic media, building ventilation, lighting and finishes.
  • Media, Utilities, BMS and Process supplies Contractor  Procurement (Packages 2 and 3) – this part was to select design & built contractors to construct all the process media and media generation equipment including chilled water ammonia systems, boilers, compressors, process heating and cold water distribution and power for process. These packages were afterwards nominated as customer’s subcontractors to the main contractor

Key activities for the procurement phase of the plant were prequalification, tendering, bid analysis, and preparation of recommendation to Toms Group. Once the Package 2 and 3 procurement stages were complete, a single General Contractor was appointed with nominated subcontractors.

Construction Management and Design Author Supervision

During construction 500,000 safe hours were achieved with no lost time injuries. Peak construction saw over 250 people on site.

A Safety Observation Reporting (SOR) programme was introduced to help keep safety top of mind for everyone on a daily basis. Over 300 SORs were submitted and acted upon.

To comply with Polish statutory requirements for Design Author Supervision (DAS), PM Group designers were available throughout the construction process, controlling the development of the construction, ensuring compliance with Building Permit Design and approved specifications.

The project received a National Labour Inspectorate regional award for the high value placed on safety.

PM Group’s construction management team managed the works contractors and also carried out the statutory construction supervision required under Polish law (Inspektor Nadzoru services - discipline statutory inspectors, overall site manager and safety manager). 



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