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Is ‘Plug and Play’ site installation the strategic solution to the challenges of COVID-19? Mick Lynam, PM Group’s Director of Project Delivery, thinks it is. He talks to Irish Building Magazine about the importance of upfront decision making.

According to Mick speaking in Irish Building Magazine, ”To be successful on a project with offsite fabrication, the project team have to plan for it at concept stage before detailed design begins, you can’t effectively ‘bolt it on’ later given the upfront design decisions required.”

Strategic Thinking

He goes on to say, “To maximise the benefits of offsite, you need to identify the opportunity areas early with input from both Design and Trade Contract partners. On projects, you have to identify the systems or areas with the highest density of site effort hours. You look at these and ask can we package these to fabricate, assemble and test offsite and then achieve a simple ‘plug and play’ site installation. This requires strategic thinking among the project team with the engineers coming together early and evaluating the opportunities. Proper planning leveraging all the team’s skills and competencies is essential, looking at the issues from a full project life cycle perspective, concept through to handover.”


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