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Increasing system integrity and reducing the probability of contamination are key drivers in the evolution of aseptic filling lines.

To meet the unprecedented demands of pharmaceutical development and supply, we need to develop our capability to be responsive, fast to market, agile, robust and regulatory compliant. The pharmaceutical Industry needs a smart aseptic solution that achieves this. 

At the PDA Annual Conference, PM Group’s Austin Lock presents 'A Paradigm Shift in Aseptic Fill Finish Design'.  Maximizing the use of existing and rapidly developing smart technology, this innovative design is the ultimate Human-Free environment for Aseptic processing.

Using the backdrop of a collaboration between three international companies, each offering something very different, it describes the innovation journey from vision to solution.  By starting with first principles and adopting a range of technologies such as robotics, smart manufacturing, modular design and construction, Austin will describe how the companies combined their knowledge and skill sets and modified existing product offerings, to design and build a flexible equipment offering that is unique within the industry. This pre-engineered, pre-qualified, and cost effective solution, offers the industry a scale-out, in-country solution that will enable wider filling opportunities.


When:  13:00, 20th September 2022

Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Also at this event, Dr Barry McDermott, PM Group, will be speaking about 'Stepping Stones to Net Zero in Pharma'