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Gender Pay Gap reporting is an important part of being a transparent, open business. PM Group is pleased to present its Gender Pay Gap Report 2022 Ireland.

In our 2025 Strategy, we restated our commitment to a culture of mutual respect and belonging through building a truly inclusive workplace.

About our findings

Over the last number of years, we placed an increased emphasis on attracting more women into the company. We began to focus particularly on female representation at senior levels. In 2021, women represented 30% of the workforce in PM Group. Today that figure has risen to 33% and we are targeting 35% by 2025.

“We recognise there is a significant challenge in tackling gender imbalance not only for our company but in our industry as a whole. The changes required will take considerable collective and sustained efforts over time. I am proud of the many programmes we have put in place to help encourage women from the outset. We work closely with a number of schools and colleges to encourage more female participation in STEM subjects. Our programmes also focus on women’s progression throughout their careers. We are hopeful that our initiatives will contribute to a more balanced representation in our industry.” said Dave Murphy, CEO, PM Group.

About Gender Pay Gap Reporting in Ireland

In October 2022, the Irish Government finalised the regulations for Gender Pay Gap Reporting. The regulations form the legal basis for the method to conduct an employer’s gender pay gap calculations under the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021.