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We don’t mind telling you, in every location, in every sector, on every project, we are passionate about health and safety. As we return to work, our commitment to your safety and the safety of everyone we work with is paramount.

From the top down to the bottom up, our goal is exceptional health and safety performance.

Whether you are a client, a trade partner or supplier, you can be assured our health and safety standards are world leading and they will be applied to every project.

From design, through construction, commissioning and handover, we:

  • Identify opportunities for Health and Safety improvements by implementing smart designs and rigorous project reviews that improve safety during construction, commissioning, handover and operation
  • Protect your people and stakeholders through management of construction & commissioning safety during your project
  • Ensure safe operation during the lifetime of your facility by delivering designs that embed safety from the outset

2020 will see us build on our strong organisation commitment to Health & Safety.