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On October 14th, IChemE Global Awards will announce its 2021 Young Industrialist winner. This year, Process Engineer Domhnall Barden from our Birmingham Office is a finalist.

Domhnall, from Scotland's Isle of Lewis, progressed through our IChemE accredited NEXT Graduate programme. He now leads our TechTeam’s Industry 4.0 initiative.

“When I joined PM Group, I worked on site as a commissioning engineer for a global pharmaceutical company. This provided invaluable hands-on experience, benefitting my involvement with our design projects since.

I have been able to work on a variety of complex, cutting-edge projects in the pharma sector across Europe. These projects include developing facilities for cell and gene therapies, biologics drug substance and API production. In parallel, I am enjoying leading our TechTeam’s Industry (TI) 4.0 initiative. This TI helps keep our projects cutting-edge. It looks at getting new technology into facilities. Such technology reduces manufacturing costs for our clients.  This provides important drugs and therapies to patients, faster.”

The IChemE Global Awards are considered as the world’s most prestigious chemical engineering awards. Domhnall’s category recognises those who best demonstrate skills to address important technical, economic, environmental or social issues.

Domnhall will be presenting during the Young Industrialist award webinar.

You can register to attend here.