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Process Engineer, Emma Claxton, is featured in a new IChemE video series aimed at inspiring the next generation of chemical engineering professionals.

“In this career, after two years, I have only scraped the surface of what there is to know.…”

Supported by the Chemical Engineers Benevolent Fund, a total of six videos have been released by IChemE. The aim is to promote chemical engineers and the diverse sectors they work in.

Emma, from our Birmingham office, recently completed our IChemE accredited NEXT Graduate Training programme. The video featuring Emma focuses on professionals at the early stage of their career.

“I really enjoyed working with IChemE on this video. It has given me the opportunity to share my experiences as a chemical engineer in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as my perspective on becoming part of the profession. I hope it gives students and recent graduates an insight into an exciting career that provides so much opportunity”.

You can view the video featuring Emma here and the wider series here.

This video series is part of a wider content programme that focuses on helping chemical engineers with their careers.


Interested in hearing more?

As part of this programme, our UK Head of Process Engineering, Javier Lozano will be presenting at IChemE’s virtual careers fair on 21st October 2021.