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We’re looking forward to taking part in the panel discussion at the ‘IOT and Industry 4.0 Expo’ at CityWest, Dublin on 29th-30th January 2020.

Embracing new technologies

The main theme of the Expo is the need to embrace new technologies and skills to support the future of manufacturing in Ireland. The Expo aims to include a wide range of activity and discussion on Industry 4.0, innovation and collaboration. The focus will be on the step changes needed to keep Ireland competitive in the future.

New ways of working

"This is something we are helping our clients to focus on in the medtech and pharma sectors. Through our technology teams, we are collaborating across industry and research, to develop new ways of working.  Some of the latest technologies – robotics, AR/VR - are already helping to streamline project delivery processes. We are also combining lean project principles with digital project delivery for greater efficiencies beyond the project itself." said Sean Coombs, PM Group



About Sean Coombs

Sean Coombs is the Medtech Technical Director at PM Group. He has over 35 years’ experience realising world-class products in many different industries.These include medical devices, financial trading systems, telecommunications, aerospace and defence systems. Sean works with multinational clients in Ireland, the UK and the US. He is a specialist in Design for eXcellence (DFX) for manufacture, COGS, test, supply chain and service.


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