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At this year’s ISPE Annual Meeting, four PM Group SMEs are presenting their insights into new and transformational methodologies in the ATMP field.

The next generation of advanced therapy medicinal product(s) (ATMP) and ATMP manufacturing present unique challenges to the industry and regulators. From robotics to innovation in facility and process design PM Group is at the leading edge of ATMP technology. This year’s speakers from PM Group at the Annual Meeting include:

Austin Lock
A Transformative Modular Robotic Filling Platform

Andrew Slusser and Tyler Underhill
A Multi-Modal Campus Transformation

Charles Heffernan
Advancing ATMP Platforms

Austin Lock will focus on the Azzurra FAB robotized filling platform. This technology has been developed in collaboration between Pharma Integration and PM Group. A key technology leap being the application of support or “Butler” robots used in conjunction with process robots to eliminate the need for humans. The presentation will reflect on the development journey of introducing a new technology into the industry and will highlight the challenges and lessons learned. Aiding others wanting to follow a similar path.

Tyler and Andrew will present the last five years of Bayer’s journey in achieving their vision of energizing its old industrial Berkeley campus. Which has grown from Cutter labs and a Colgate factory, into a driving force in the ATMP development and manufacturing world. The transformation of an aging campus is one that many organizations face. Through master planning, process modelling, novel equipment integration and state-of-the-art facilities, these campuses can thrive once more.

Charles will discuss how advanced therapy manufacturers are grappling with the challenge of delivering personalized therapies to patients. He will provide insights into the process and facility design innovations that will enable bio manufacturers to overcome these challenges and successfully deliver these therapies to market.

Hear from all four PM Group speakers at the 2023 ISPE Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stop by booth 619 to meet Austin, Andrew, Tyler, Charles
and the rest of our team.