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At ISPE’s annual meeting and expo takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 27 to 30th. At the event PM Group speakers will focus on digital assets and standardisation in Biopharma manufacturing.

On Day 4 of the conference, Keith Morris, Automation Subject Matter Expert with PM Group, will present at the Biophorum Plug & Play session on "The benefits of standardisation in Biopharma manufacturing"

Also on Day 4, PM Group's Jeremy Freeman will participate in the session on "Extracting business value from the digital asset"

Be sure to drop by and say hello to our Pharma team at the expo! We will be at Booth 406.

If you would like to arrange to meet us at the event, get in touch with Andy and the Pharma team:

Andy Rayner
Andy Rayner

Pharmaceutical Sector Director

More about "The benefits of standardisation in Biopharma manufacturing":

The industry's movement away from large scale, fixed tank facilities to more flexible, single use technologies has demonstrated the desire to move toward modular and agile process design and equipment. As a result, automation systems need to be more flexible too. Process systems need to be adaptable in a cost-efficient way, so that facilities and process flows can be built and reconfigured, without the need for large scale automation development efforts. Modular automation is seen as the key enabler to achieve this.

The presentations describe the benefits, development and implementation of an interface standard that allows a supervisory control system to interface to an intelligent process skid on the ISA-88 phase level. The standard consists of an operational model and an equipment class specific data model. The initial development describes 3 equipment classes, Bioreactor, Chromatography and filtration skids. Future developments include the full range of equipment classes for Biopharmaceutical production. The operational model and structure of the Bioreactor model will be discussed in detail.

The standard allows a supervisory system's batch engine to execute standard functions within the equipment with a predefined set of process parameters and generating a defined set of report data.


More about "Extracting Business value from the digital asset"

The identification of the digital representation of a physical asset as a managed asset (the digital asset) opens up the possibility for organisations to align this digital asset with the aim to realise business values.

This session covers the information governance requirements for the digital framework and the full digital asset lifecycle. The session will also seek to cover the concepts of creating a digital asset through the CAPEX project phases (engineer, procure, construct, commission and qualify) whether greenfield or brownfield. The session will also cover the principles of delivering the digital asset to operations (custody transfer) along with how the extract value from it. This becomes a foundation for the use of a digital twin.

Andy Rayner

Pharmaceutical Sector Director