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The future design of cell and gene therapy facilities will be a key focus at the forthcoming ISPE Facilities of the Future in San Francisco on 7-8 February 2019.

In this stream, two papers will be presented by PM Group experts – 

  • Jordaan Kemp, Director of Architecture, will be presenting on the modular design of cell and gene therapy facilities
  • Austin Lock, Technical Director Pharma Sector, will be leading a session on flexibility in the design of cell and gene therapy and other biotech facilities. 

The 2019 Facilities of the Future Conference will explore what pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities will look like in the future, featuring inspirational presentations from industry leaders already planning and building “facilities of the future.”
It will examine manufacturing challenges, technologies, regulations and factors that impact the ability of today’s companies to stay competitive and cost-effective. 

Jordaan Kemp
Jordaan joined PM Group in 2001. Since then he has been the lead architect on some of the largest and most significant pharmaceutical projects across the Group. He has also been responsible for developing the company’s process architecture capability. Jordaan has driven innovation in the way PM Group delivers front end design which has helped position PM Group at the forefront of design in the sector.

Austin Lock
Austin is the technical director for the pharmaceutical sector in PM Group. He is a chartered chemical engineer with 30 years’ experience in the facility and process design of pharmaceutical and biotech facilities. Austin is a member of the BPOG Modular and Mobile Technology Roadmap team as well as the ISPE Facility of the Future organizing committee.