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PM Group has introduced Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) designed for women. Part of our Living Safety programme, the new PPE, offers greater protection to our teams.

In PM Group, we want safety to be personal, relevant and important to everyone in the organization. To achieve this, we promote an inclusive health, safety and wellbeing culture.

We carried out extensive consultation with our women's network and others. Following their feedback, we introduced our new female specific PPE. Wearing the right equipment allows day to day tasks to be carried out more safely. It also ensures everyone feels confident in performing on-site activities with ease,” said David Thornton, Group Head of Health & Safety, PM Group.

Potential hazards to ill-fitting PPE gear include sleeves snagged in machinery, trips and falls. Our teams trialed various brands of site safety gear to identify an optimal range of PPE. Feedback from the trials was very positive. Some comments included - “It fits really well around the hips and waist, much better than my normal PPE” and “The sleeve and body length fits well”.


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