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The development of mobile autonomous robots for environmental sample collection in bioprocessing environments is the focus of a collaborative project between University College Dublin (UCD) and industry partners.

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Autonomous mobile robots for environmental sampling in bioprocess environments

Project Marvin involves a state-of-the-art mobile robotic platform and an open web-based software system that will be capable of automatically collecting environmental information.

Marvin will facilitate faster, more frequent and more reliable collection of environmental information and interaction with state-of-the-art environmental monitoring (EM) and utility / product testing platforms. Automating this time consuming process will produce greater efficiencies and cost benefits with high quality outputs. It will also free up highly skilled personnel to carry out other value-adding activities.

Project Marvin is funded by Enterprise Ireland and is part of the Innovation Partnership Programme. Project Partners are UCD-LAMS (Coordinator), PM Group, Lonza, Novartis and NIBRT.